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NEW  Articles by Buddy Weaver

A Code Of Conduct For Square Dancers

FOR CALLERS - How Long Should A Tip Be?

FOR EVERYONE - Change Is Inevitible

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Videos for New and Experienced Square Dancers

The Dancers Guide To A-1 & A-2 by Buddy Weaver

Dancer's Styling by Doc Alumbaugh

Caller's Institute Transcript by Ed Gilmore

Sight Calling Technique by Les Gotcher

Choreography, Body Flow and Timing by Les Gotcher

Caller's Manual by Lee Helsel

How To Teach The Basics Program by Ernie Kinney

The Value Of Square Dancing by Ralph Maxhimer

Square Dancing Organization by Jay & Helen Orem

Teaching Dancing Should Be Fun by Bob Ruff

Links to web sites: (staff callers)

Ken Bower web site

Eric Henerlau's web site  

Lottie Ainsworth's web site

Vic Ceder's web site

Darren Gallina's web site

Mike Driscoll's web site

Masaru Wada's Tokyo Square Dance Club web site  

Hiroshi Yaoko's web site

Mike Hogan's web site

Lanny Weaklend's web site

Tim Merino web site

Lisa Lincoln web site

Bear Miller web site

Sue Dellere web site

Dick Rueter web site

Dan Sahlstrom web site

Music For Callers web site to search all song

Square Dance videos on youtube:

49th Aloha State Square Dance Convention

Introduction To Square Dancing On T.V

Square Dancing in Southern California 2013

Kanagawa Japan Square Dancing